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All New from AVPro Edge - USB 2.0 Extenders

AVPro Edge is expanding our extender formats with a USB only extender. The AC-EXUSB-2-KIT is a USB extender that can handle USB 2.0 and works perfectly with conference room cameras like the Breo from Logitech.

AVPro Edge and HDBaseT have partnered for years to deliver cutting edge stable distribution products in Audio Video. Now that same partnership is bringing integrators an ultra-stable solution for USB transport, specifically built for audio/video data from USB cameras and other taxing USB 2.0 signals. This point to point, transmitter and receiver set comes in a small chassis that is easy to hide anywhere.

AVPro Edge specializes in high bandwidth, long-distance video signal extension, and are now using that same technology to send USB signals. Now you have the 10-year warranty, and AVPro Edge stability handling your USB extension runs.

Installers will find themselves using this piece of equipment in many ways, but here are a few we would like to point out.

Secure Classroom

Keeping your classroom secure is important. Many students have more knowledge of computers than even the teacher, which can be dangerous with it comes to securing important data. By keeping your computer in a secure remote location, it allows IT to decide what can be accessed through a remote USB hub in the classroom. You can use AVPro's USB Extender to connect that hub and your secure room.

Conference Room USB Camera

​Installers often find themselves spending over $1,000.00 just to extend the USB signal because the cable that comes with the camera isn't long enough. Cheaper alternatives never have the stability needed. That changes with this new extender from AVPro Edge. Now you can extend Point to Point USB up to 300 feet by using a standard category cable.

Corporate Office Building

Keeping all computers in a secure server room allows total control from your IT department, and in today's age where data is worth more than energy, security is vital. Use AVPro's point to point USB extenders to connect to computers remotely. This increases security at the same time as freeing up space in each office, without taking away functionality.

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