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Applications for the All New Bullet Train USB 3.0 Hub

Extending USB Signals from point to point is simple until you need to move these signals farther than 2 meters. At that point, standard USB cables will cause connection issues, dropping bits and giving you errors. We have repeatedly heard from integrators that they need a stable solution for extending USB signals long distances, but not just a 2.0 USB signal. They need the USB 3.0 capabilities to pass signals from the latest USB cameras, microphones, and hard drives.

The Bullet Train USB Hub solution can handle those taxing signals, and in return, this device fits perfectly into these environments:


Often, a teacher may want to have a computer located in a secure location but want access to it through a mouse and keyboard. With our hub, you can have up to 4 USB devices connected and have that signal sent to a computer 20 meters away. Also, with remote learning, USB cameras are more prevalent than ever; with Bullet Train’s Hub, you can place that USB camera anywhere and still have it connected to your computer.

Corporate Office

Remote meetings through Teams or Zoom are the standard these days, so equip yourself with a tool that allows you to place the camera anywhere in the room. You can have a professional angle that enables you to conduct meetings without any interruptions with tech issues.


Control remote computers at the register with our USB Hub. You can have a mouse, keyboard, and flash drive connected at the register location, giving control to a computer that isn’t taking up counter space but hidden in the back room—also allowing you to secure your store’s computers while the register is unused.


Gain access remotely to digital signage PC’s in hotels for the staff at the front desk. Now they can check in a guest and change the signage from one location, running two computers in different spaces.

Luxury Homes

Tucking away a home computer into an AV Rack keeps an installation looking clean, but how will the user access this computer? With this extension hub, the user can access anywhere you have run this 4 port USB Hub.

This is just a short example of how USB is being used in custom installations. Make sure you use an extension product built to carry the 3.0 signals many devices are running on today.

The Bullet Train USB Hub will be launching soon. Please sign up for our new product webinar to learn all of the ins and outs, REGISTER.

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