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KVM Mouse Roaming added to MXNEt

AVPro Edge builds products around the logic of the integrator and with our Networked AV ecosystem that holds true. The newest feature allows you to control upto 17 different computers with one single mouse and keyboard. Give the ultimate command to your clients with MXNet’s mouse roaming feature.

  • Transit Management

  • Security Control Rooms

  • Banking Networks

  • Corporate Communication

  • Educational Administrators

These are just some of the applications that can call for one user to be able to control multiple computers from one area. With category cable infrastructure you an have these computers located in four separate secure areas away from the person running the controls.

This capability is already ready in the MXNet Ecosystem today. It does take some set up with API commands, but we can always have our MXNet Specialist Kevin help you individually with any install or application you are trying to put together. Kevin had this to say about the mouse roaming feature:

"One KVM mouse roaming group can have up to 17 PCs or laptops, which means one keyboard and one mouse can control up to 17 PCs over the network and MXNET. We can have several KVM mouse roaming groups. What is a KVM mouse roaming group? It is a group of decoders that are connected to monitors or videowall, and one decoder is the master decoder, other are the slave. Typically, one operator will operate one KVM mouse roaming group. If you have three operators in the control room, you need to have three KVM mouse roaming groups.

How many KVM mouse roaming groups can we support? I am testing it, but the software no limitation. If you have tens of groups, we need to build software to manage them, even integrate the instant message app, like WeChat. Why? One operator wants to control one PC, and he needs to inform (send message to) the administrator and get approved.

In general, all PCs or servers will be located in the remote computer rack room, the monitors and operators will be in the local control rooms or operation centers."

Kevin Wang - AVPro Edge Product Development

You can see Kevin's break down here:

Download the PDF

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