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MXNet: Networked AV throughout your next installation

AVPro Edge has built a company on producing products that deliver nothing be the best quality video possible throughout installations that connect multiple sources and displays. To do this we have relied on HDBaseT, HDMI, Fiber Optics and traditional A/V Matrix Switchers. With MXNet we are offering another technology option for mass distribution of audio video signals. We do that with MXNet, the Networked AV solution from AVPro Edge.

MXNet allows professional integrators to deploy massive scale distributed systems with relative ease. We do this by controlling every aspect of manufacturing including our own Network Switch. This allows our engineers to optimize every hardware portion of the system; the encoder, decoder and network switch.

Now if you have your own favorite brand of switch no worries the MXNet Ecosystem can work with any major switch that can handle multicast traffic.

In this application, we are showcasing a conference room setting. A computer is connected to the encoder located in a secure rack area not open to most employees. Now the computer is safe and secure, but we can still access the Zoom/Teams meeting in the conference room, at each huddle space, or individual office. With USB support, you can send your local webcam or USB camera back to the computer so the others on your call can see your pretty face.

Interactive Displays are a common sight in the modern classroom. Teachers can access their computers remotely and control them using the touch screen functions of the display. With MXNet, you can simultaneously send the HDMI signal to the Interactive Display as you send USB commands from the Interactive Display to the teachers' computer. Repeat this step throughout an entire school's building, and you have a strong, stable installation made to last for years.

Audio/Video brings impact in today's house of worship; with PowerPoint presentations, pictures, and video, your message can be repeated and controlled easily throughout the entire building. From the daycare to the main hall, to the offices and smaller gather areas, deliver your message thoughtfully with impact.

In a new post-2020 world, the hospitality industry is different; how you communicate with customers is different. Digital Signage that you control, switch, and maintain can be the differentiator between you and your competitors. Deliver high-quality messages throughout your entire building with MXNet.

In this casino application, see how easy it is to display video walls wherever you want when you combine the MXNet Ecosystem's ability to deploy an unlimited number of video walls and the built-in fiber SFP's that allow you to send signals miles over fiber optics. The limitations to the system are really only left to the integrator's imagination.

For more info on the MXNet, give us a call at 605-274-6055 or email us at

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