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MXNet Updates Help Pro AV Installers with DHCP Choices

AVPro Edge is dedicated to improving all our products, we do this by listening to our integrators with the requests that they offer. That is exactly where the latest released came from. You can find the link to all MXNet updates at the bottom of this write up.

As a default the MXNet Network Switch will assign each encoder and decoders with a IP address that is built from the MXNet’s Network Switch internal IP numbering. For most installations this works great!

In some instances installers would like to have more control. With this update we can offer that control to the integrator. The MXNet Switch is always kept on a separate network away from traditional internet traffic, but integrators would like to have the connected encoders and decoders have an IP address that is inline with the rest of the their installation.

With MXNet you can allow your network to assign the IP address for each connected encoder and decoder without flooding it with any of the data that is being ran through that network.

How is this done:

Going into to system utilities you will find a place where you can update the IP mode for each one of your endpoints. Changing from DHCP to a static to one that is assigned by an outside network switch.

Why do you need it done:

Enterprise Level Network Systems want to know what every single node on there network is doing, how much data it’s using so it can keep track of each part of the system. With this update you know have that ability.

Find all firmware updates here.

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