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Product Sneak Peek: The 8x8 SM Matrix

AVPro Edge 8x8 18Gbps 4K HDMI Seamless Switching Matrix with MCS (Mission Critical Scaling)

AVPro Edge is bringing our customers what they want - 100% seamless 18Gbps 4K Matrix Switching. With the AC-MX88-AUHD-SM, AVPro Edge can deliver seamless, instant switching no matter what type of signal is being inputted. With 8 HDMI inputs and 8 HDMI outputs, you have plenty of room to use this piece as the backbone of your next video distribution system and really wow your customers.

How Does it Work?

AVPro knew that the major drawback of traditional HDMI matrix switchers was the switching speed. The HDMI process can take a few seconds, with handshake and EDID reading and understanding, and then HDCP updates taking place every second; HDMI can be a taxing signal. With modern laptops, digital signage players, computers, and movies all outputting 4K 18Gbps content, there has to be a way to manage these signals and still reduce switching speeds.

AVPro Edge’s engineers have developed MCS, also known as Mission Critical Scaling.

This type of signal management allows AVPro Edge to hold the handshake, update HDCP, and keep a constant flow of data coming from each connected HDMI source, even when it’s not being watched. Normally, this would take a considerable amount of internal storage for a device, causing the product to increase in price tenfold. But AVPro Edge’s MCS allows us to scale those signals to sizes that are much more manageable. In turn, it allows the user to switch sources completely seamlessly, even with taxing 18Gbps 4K signals.

Every signal is being scaled all the time. This allows for maximum interoperability because now you can work with old displays that only handle interlaced signals or low-resolution images directly alongside the newest 4K display. With the AC-MX88-AUHD-SM, you can now not only work with both these displays but send optimized individual signals to each one.

Key Benefits

Extremely Fast Switching Speeds - This switch’s powerhouse scaling technology allows for the processing of each source all the time. This enables us to give you the fastest switching speeds of any 4K matrix from AVPro Edge, even faster than our NSFS! With this switch, you will never get a call from your client asking why there is a black screen every-time they change inputs!

High Bandwidth Signaling - No matter what source you connect to this switcher, you can be sure it will take the signal, process, and deliver it to the display with ease. That includes all the signals you would find from the latest sources like Apple TV 4K, Modern laptops or tablets, or media players for digital signage. Now you can be confident that no matter what signal your client sends down the path, you have a solution that will handle it with ease.

Easy to Manage PC Software - The free PC software that comes with this unit allows for a speedy setup, allowing you to make changes on the fly without powering down the unit. Manage EDID, input and output switching, video wall setup, network setup, firmware updates, and much more.

The Oldest Legacy Signals to 4K60, This scaler can handle it all - The built-in powerhouse scaling allows you to connect every type of HDMI source you can think of. It will handle the signal with the utmost skill, delivering 4K signals seamlessly to 720p displays or 720p content to 4K displays; no matter how you shake it, you are going to have an image on the screen

2 Channel Audio Distribution and Independent Control - We pulled out all the stops when it comes to video manipulation with this product, but we didn’t overlook the audio features. We have a simplified approach where the EDID of every port will always ask for 2 Channel audio. Then, this signal can be routed throughout any of the de-embedded audio extraction ports. This gives you the ability to connect your signal directly to a pre-amp or amplifier. Now you can send this signal to different zones independently from the video signal.


The AC-MX88-AUHD-SM is coming soon to AVPro Edge, contact us for more information or to place your preorder, 877-886-5112!

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