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The Fresco Cap 9 - 4K Video Wall Installation Simplified

Video Walls can be quite a hassle to set up. Once you have the panels hung, how do you compensate for the bezels? How do you make sure the correct signal is going to each panel? How do you make sure that each of the displays is receiving the signal data at exactly the same time?

Suppose you haven't considered these things, NO BIG DEAL! With the Fresco CAP 9 Video Wall Processor from AVPro Edge, you don't have to worry about those things! We have built a configuration platform that is very simple to use and comes with the processor at no additional cost. Using this software allows you to enter your displays and bezels' actual sizes in a simple layout. Once you have everything entered, you can deploy your video wall with the push of the button.

With the ease of install with the AC-FRESCO-CAP-9, you will be comfortable sending your Level 1 Tech on-site to configure the video wall. As John Tumbleson, Application Engineer at AVPro Edge, always says, "The hardest part of installing a video wall with the Fresco Cap 9 is hanging the actual panels!"

Major benefits of the Fresco CAP 9:

  • Works with any consumer TV

  • Works with any Commercial Display

  • Supports 4K60 (4:4:4) content

  • Individual scaling on each output for legacy source/display support

  • Control Software is free and easy to use

Here is an example of our video wall configuration software. It's as simple as connecting, measuring, and deploying! Learn more about the AC-FRESCO-CAP-9 here or give us a call at 877-886-5112!

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