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Using the Bullet Train USB Extension Hub with a Conference Room Camera

The newest USB Cameras can output signals that are only available when the infrastructure can support them. These signals include 4k resolutions and faster frame rates, which take up more data. To handle that data, the USB 3.0 specification is used. This new specification allows for higher bandwidth signals to be delivered over USB. Excellent news, right? With remote connections becoming an everyday occurrence for a large portion of the workforce, this will be a big help.

The drawback, LENGTH. With USB 3.0 signals, the specification calls not to send these larger signals over USB cables more than 2 meters long. That really limits where these new cameras can be mounted. When using a standard USB cable over 2 meters, errors will be introduced to the data and cause havoc on connected devices.

Bullet Train’s engineers have been hard at work resolving this situation with our 3.0 USB Extension Hub. It will allow users to create the type of office environment that is ready for efficient remote communication. For example, in the diagram below, we have a standard workspace that could be in a home or office building. At the desk is the computer that will be connected to 1-4 cameras, in this set up we have two. Using the Bullet Train Hub, we can connect both cameras from across the room and control those cameras from any presentation platform like Zoom or Teams.

The Bullet Train Extension Hub is now available. To learn more, visit the product page or give us a call at 877-886-5112.

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