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The heart of AVPro Edge is in its core products. Pushing video distribution technology into the future, this is where you will find flagship products like our switchers, integrator tools, distribution amps, and the best selling EX70 HDMI extender kit.

AVPro Edge's core products are the foundation for what we have expanded into today. These products are the backbone for a stable, reliable, cost-effective video distribution solution. We vow to continue delivering groundbreaking products that push video technology into the future.

HDMI extension

Extending HDMI is a necessity of nearly every video distribution system you install. Therefore, it is imperative that the HDMI extender you choose is going to go the distance and do it reliably. A large part of AVPro's core products are extenders and integrator tools. With our 10 year, no B.S. warranty you know we are confident in the reliability of our products. With thousands upon thousands of our extenders working in the field already, you can be sure you made the correct choice by selecting AVPro Edge extender kits.

HDMI/USB Extension

USB extension is quite possibly one of the most useful functions of our 100 and 40 meter KVM extenders. USB 2.0 host and device ports are provided on both the TX and RX units, allowing you to connect a USB mouse, keyboard, or other devices to be connected at one unit and routed to a computer or other host at another unit. KVM switch functionality is the primary application for this feature, but all types of USB peripherals are supported including whiteboards, touch screens, game controllers, PTZ cameras and controllers, mobile devices (USB-OTG), headsets, printers, flash drives and more.


Main Benefits for using KVM Extension from AVPro Edge:

  • Remote PC access: enable remote high-speed KVM alongside 18Gbps HDR video signals Supports all signals from the latest laptops like the MacBook Pro and ThinkPads

  • Cleans up the workplace: leave your customers with an ultra-clean finish

  • Secure computers in safeguarded locations: protect them from damage, technical failures or major power outages

  • Data access security: prevent content theft or network access by limiting hardware access

HDMI/Fiber Extension

Maximize distance and stability using fiber optics for audio video distribution. Copper wires have flaws that cause signals to degrade over short distances and are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. When you use fiber optics for A/V distribution, you bypass those problems, delivering uncompressed signals more than a kilometer in distance. The signal limitations of fiber optics are far less than their copper counterparts. When you install fiber, you are ensuring the future of your A/V infrastructure.

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No product

AVPro Edge has been a proud member of the HDBaseT Alliance since we started manufacturing HDMI connectivity products. Not only is AVPro an HDBaseT adopter, but we are also a contributing member to the HDBaseT Alliance. This means that as a manufacturer, we are part of a team that makes decisions on the current state and the future of HDBaseT technology. 

You will find HDBaseT Technology in many of our products including our powerful Cloud 9: 9xUnlimited Matrix & Multi-viewer. Installed in bars, restaurants, office buildings, and emergency facilities across the country, Cloud 9 is a tried and true, stable solution for large scale signal distribution. Instant switching, quad-view, multi-view, and video wall capabilities make this product adaptable to any application.  

HDBaseT is also extremely useful in Digital Signage applications. With the AC-DA210-HDBT, we can distribute signals to limitless displays with dual switchable HDMI outputs. This unit is ideal for retail spaces, bars, restaurants, showrooms, airports, or public spaces where you need consistent messaging, images, or signage across large spaces.

in the field

Time is money, no matter how you spin it. System issues cause truck rolls, cost labor hours, and ultimately affect the bottom line. This is why AVPro Edge offers a full line-up of installer tools to stabilize your install to prevent issues down the road. The Fox & Hound Test and Troubleshooting Kit is a valuable asset when it comes to hunting down existing issues and even pre-testing infrastructure for a smoother installation.  

installer tools