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ConferX delivers end-to-end solutions for conference rooms, classrooms and huddle spaces, ConferX is the perfect way to leave your next installation running stable and looking sleek. ConferX systems handle HDMI, Mini Display Port, USB-C and VGA video inputs and distribute them and amplify the signal for any installation. ConferX solutions ensure every presenter can confidently share from any laptop, tablet or phone. 

From your video source to the screen; mix and match ConferX products to custom fit your next sharing space to be exactly what you need. 

end to end solutions for the conference room and classroom

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation, web browser, video, or photo album is a necessity in any classroom or conference room. These areas are used by 100's of different people, none of which are experts in audio video distribution. ConferX delivers a user-friendly solution, that works with control systems as well as comes with audio sensing/audio switching functionality. This allows users from any walk of life to share their screens with the audience. 

To do that we have 3 types of products you can mix and match to put together your ideal conference room: 

  • ​     Audio/Video Transmitters

  •      HDMI/HDBaseT Matrix Switchers 

  •      Audio/Video Receivers

Use these products together to distribute and amplifier your signal, like in these examples:

interoperability & Expansion

AVPro Edge’s ConferX line of professional audio video products will fit your installation from a single office to a full auditorium. ConferX’s engineers built the line with integrators in mind, ensuring the system would work with any consumer source or display on the market, from the oldest VGA classroom PC to the most modern high power laptops and tablets. ConferX will work with these devices. Using AVPro’s powerful scaling technology, integrators can connect any display, monitor, or projector available, ensuring compatibility throughout the entire system. 

The Line-up
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