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Fresco Video Systems is delivering rock-solid video manipulation products like video wall processors, synced distribution amplifiers, and multiview picture in picture processors. We can take an HDMI signal and split it, scale it, or flip it. Whatever your install, Fresco has your solution. 

We offer video wall alternatives where you can use low-cost displays, alongside distribution amplifiers built to sync high-end commercial displays. And best of all you still get the 4K 18Gbps video distribution you come to know from AVPro Edge technology. 

2x2 or 40x40, fresco has your video wall solution

The Fresco video wall processors are made to be plug-and-play for a 4 or 9-panel video wall or cascaded for larger setups. Easy to use and ready to go, Fresco from AVPro Edge gives you the stable video wall solution every integrator has been looking for. Directly out of the box, you can connect a source and displays for an instant video wall. These units also handle 18Gbps signaling. AVPro Edge’s head of Application Engineering said it best:

"The biggest challenge to setting up a Fresco Video Wall is hanging the physical panels!" 

- John Tumbleson

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Simplicity is in the software

While all Fresco video wall processors are plug-and-play, each comes with a robust PC software that makes customization and entering bezel compensation easier than ever before. Get custom with the Advanced Section of the PC software. For example, the Fresco 4 has four independent capture regions, meaning each of the displays in the video wall can show any part of the original image coming from a source. This allows you to set up unconventional video walls where displays overlap or are separated from other displays. With Fresco, you control the capture region and set it in real-time via the free PC software.