WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. ​For more information, go to

70 Meter Weatherproof HDBaseT Receiver

70 Meter Weatherproof HDBaseT Receiver

AVPro Edge Extender Kit gets the full waterproof treatment from Sealoc

The team at Sealoc does more than coat our extenders with their magic liquid. They also ensured the chassis were sealed correctly with extensive testing:
  • Testing overarching effectiveness of Sealoc's Nano Fluid Treatment.
  • Testing on the Receiver units was done as hybrid applications meaning outdoor, covered, and in full direct rain situations.
  • Testing for environments with heat, humidity, salt fog, rainfall, and more. 

The rainfall testing had the most significant impact on the functionality of the units. All control units failed immediately when the water was turned on.

A significant portion of protection is a coating made from a nanofluid developed explicitly for electronic boards by Sealoc. Ensure you have the tools to extend the life of installations in harsher conditions.

    • Installs near the Ocean
    • Installs in dusty locations
    • Very humid areas like pools, gym's and fountains
    • Hard to get to locations that very dirty
    • Any Outdoor Video Zone