WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. ​For more information, go to

300 Meter Fiber Optic HDMI Extender Kit

300 Meter Fiber Optic HDMI Extender Kit


4K HDMI Extender via Optical Fiber; up to 2 Kilometers using Single-Mode Fiber, up to 300 meters using Multimode fiber.

  • HDMI 2.0(a/b)
  • Multi-mode Fiber or Single-Mode Fiber, your choice!
  • 18Gbps Bandwidth Support (Using ICT)
  • 4K --> 1080P Down-scaling for mixed systems
  • EDID Management and EDID emulate​
  • The AC-EXO-444-KIT is an HDMI extender over fiber optic cable.  It allows for the ultra long-distance extension of HDMI signals (1.25 miles or more).  All HDMI 2.0 a/b signals are supported as the bandwidth is 18Gbps.

    "The beauty of (AC-EXO-444-KIT​) is it gives me the ability to functionally do the same thing I was doing over CAT, just now with fiber.  I can still get control, IR, 232, audio extraction, and all the other nice features AVPro is known for like the built-in test patterns and EDID control.  The only thing that changes is I can now use Fiber all the time...Plus picking up ARC is a real bonus too."

    This is AVPro Edge's flagship Fiber Optic Extender, allowing the user to extend an 18Gbps HDMI signal 2 kilometers via single-mode fiber, and up to 300 meters using multi-mode fiber.  Using ICT (Invisible Compression Technology) we have achieved what was thought to be impossible.  We can deliver a virtually lossless high bandwidth 4K signal with support for all signals up to 18Gbps. Other similar devices will deliver a sub-par image that has very visible banding and color shifting.  You can go even further by installing your own SFP port.  It solves problems for both commercial and residential markets for distributing high value 4K 18Gbps content from rack to display. These extenders go the distance, no need to find power and cascade extenders for ultra-long runs. Additionally, AC-EXO-444-KIT​ offers solutions for 18Gbps distribution in residential, digital entertainment centers, retail stores, AV events that require reliable and long-distance distribution, suitable for Data Center, Control Rooms, Conference Rooms, Schools, and Corporate Training environment.